Our Products


For Our Customers:

  • To help people manage their risks in everyday life, be it at home, on the road or in a plant.
  • To provide solutions which will give our customers the best financial security available in the event of an unfortunate accident.
  • To build a relationship that is based on mutual trust, integrity and financial strength - Our definition of Total Quality Service.

For Our Employees:

  • To create a workplace where employees appreciate the values of trust and teamwork.
  • To ensure that our employees understand the link between their performance and success of the company.
  • To provide clear goals, assign responsibilities, install a system of measurements to ensure accountability across functions.
  • To create an environment where employees are motivated to deliver "excellence".

For Our Business Partners:

  • To add value to our core service.
  • To share knowledge and expertise, building a stronger relationship between us and our mutual customers.

For Our Shareholders:

  • To provide long term value.
  • To ensure continuity and growth